Robert Parker’s Jazz Classics in Stereo

Robert Parker Jazz Classic In StereoRobert Parker is an Australian Sound Engineer and Broadcaster. Over the last thirty years Robert has developed a unique, award winning system for extracting high quality sound from early mono 78 rpm records. He has been collecting records since the age of around twelve – and has now amassed one of the finest vintage music collections in the country. It has formed the basis for ‘Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo’. You can now hear the series over the Web right here on New Orleans Radio.

Here’s what Robert had to say upon hearing his own recording through the internet for the first time:

“The first Bessie Smith track came through with such clarity and force on the net, on my little IBM speakers, that it made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle.

Guess I’m just a hopeless romantic – but the idea of an artiste of such great talent standing in front of a mic in 1926 and being heard, with such a sense of immediacy, by a (hopefully) new and young – audience in 2000 – still gives me a thrill”.

Robert Parker

Sadly, Robert Parker passed away on December 30, 2004. His contributions to the world of Jazz will never be forgotten.

Benny Goodman:



:: Other Specially Produced Programs from Robert Parker

These programs are specially produced programs that compliment and augment the ‘Jazz Classics in Stereo’ series very nicely. The Jazz Fest program is over 3 hours of Robert roaming the streets of NO during the 1995 festival. The King Oliver program explores Oliver’s contribution to New Orleans Jazz and features a companion CD. Ask for details on how to purchase it. These are Real Audio encoded files, so you’ll have to have the correct player to view them.

In Search Of King Oliver
Robert Parker on Video
Robert Parker – Jazz Fest 1995