Do you know there are online slots…….

Do you know there are online slots themed on Kiss, Dolly Parton and Megadeth?! Here’s more on that


Are you aware that there are online slot games themed around Kiss, Dolly Parton and Megadeth?! Film-themed online slots and TV-themed slots have always been around as developers are always keen on getting profitable licensing agreements for them. But there are only a limited number of licensing options available in those domains. This is where music-themed slots including rock, pop, and country come into the picture! If you stay in Canada and often indulge in online gambling at Royal Vegas casino, you’d know about the variety of music-themed slots you can play these days!


Let’s briefly take you through these popular music-themed slots that are a must-play for the fans of these artists/bands.

Kiss online slot game

Kiss are a rock band from the 80s era that ruled the airwaves in their time, and produced some kick-ass numbers for listeners throughout the world. They were considered hair-rock music at its finest! It only made sense for the casino game developers to bank on their popularity and come up with a slot game themed on them. Although the Kiss online slot game only has 10 reels, it comes loaded with hundreds of different pay line options, and features an endless number of clips from the band’s performances. Developed by WMS, this game is a huge hit with not just the Kiss fans, but all music fans in general!


Megadeth online slot game

When it comes to using the rock genre of music for inspiration in the online slot games’ development, Leander Games is one of the few developers who are right at the top! Megadeth online slot is one of their leading products, which essentially is an online casino slot game based on the music and image of Megadeth – arguably the biggest metal band of its time. The game features its various band members on the slot reels, as well as their popular instruments. You get many different killer ways of registering huge wins. If you do decide to give this slot game a try, look out for Dave Mustaine symbol, as whenever you get it, finding winning lines would get much easier.


Dolly Parton online slot game

Dolly Parton’s counted amongst the few musicians who amazingly converted their entertaining ability into a money making machine for themselves. Often referred to as the Queen of country music, Dolly Parton went on to license a lot of things ranging from theme parks, T-shirts, coffee mugs to online casino games! The Dolly Parton online slot game is a highly popular casino game that features 5 reels and 40 different pay lines. Dolly has been popularly considered a music diva of her generation and now she also has an online casino game hit to her name! This one’s the kind which can even rival the best of her country music classics!