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1880Willie Eli Humphrey, Traditional jazz clarinetist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the father of the famed Humphrey brothers, Earl, Percy and Willie James, and the son of the famous music teacher, 'Professor Jim' Humphrey. He learned from his father and played in the 'Magnolia Plantation's Eclipse Brass Band' until 1910. He played in the 'Crescent Orchestra' and frequently spotted with Tig Chambers. Willie died in New Orleans on January 8, 1964. (137)
1937Archie Shepp, Saxophonist who has been at various times a feared firebrand and radical, soulful throwback and contemplative veteran. He was viewed in the '60s as perhaps the most articulate and disturbing member of the free generation. (80)
1941Charles Earland, Soul-jazz organist who gained a large following and much airplay with a series of albums for the the Prestige label. He died in 1999. (76)
1941Bob Dylan, Singer and prolific songwriter. His influence on popular music is incalculable. As a songwriter, he pioneered several different schools of pop songwriting. - "Blowin' In The Wind" (76)
1944Patti LaBelle, Singer who enjoyed one of the longest-lived careers in contemporary music, notching hits in a variety of sounds ranging from girl group pop to space-age funk to lush ballads. - "Lady Marmalade". (73)


1929New Orleans, Louisiana native, Lonnie Johnson recorded for Okeh Records on this day in New York. The songs were 'It Feels So Good - Parts 3 and 4'.
1938 "So You Left Me For The Leader Of A Swing Band" was recorded by Art Kassel's Orchestra on this day.
1950New Orleans, Louisiana prodigy, Sidney Bechet played at The Rendez-vous Club in Philadelphia on this day.
1957New Orleans Louisiana native and legendary cornetist, Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong And His All-Stars played the first of two nights in Salt Lake City. The club was called The Lagoon.
1959Reserve, Louisiana native (Kid) Thomas Valentine's Creole Jazz Band recorded the tunes Panama, Mama Inez and other tracks in New Orleans on this day.
1969 'Get Back' by The Beatles climbed to #1 on the Billboard charts on this day.
1974 'The Duke', Duke Ellington died on this day at the age of seventy-five in New York.
1975 'Shining Star' put Earth, Wind and Fire at the top of the music charts on this day.
1985Joe Darensbourg, clarinetist and tenor saxophonist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana passed away on this day at the age of 78. He began his career with the Martel's family band from Opelousas, then played for a traveling medicine man. In the late 1920's played the riverboats with Fate Marable. In the fifties he was associated with Edward 'Kid' Ory in California. He recorded 'Yellow Dog Blues' under his own name and it became a pop hit .
1997 Big Mike (Michael Barnett), rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana hit the R&B charts on this day with his tune 'All A Dream'.