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1888Camille Lucie Nickerson, A pianist, composer, music educator, music historian and a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Her father was a renowned music teacher and violinist who's students included Jelly Roll Morton, Emma Barrett, Henry Kimball, and Manuel Manetta. she taught with her father from 1916 until 1926 at the Nickerson School of Music and founded the B-Sharp Music Club, which became the New Orleans branch of the National Association of Negro Musicians in February 1917. In 1930, she published many Creole songs, and wrote a masters thesis: Africo-Creole Music in Louisiana (masters thesis, Oberlin, 1932). In 1932, she received a Master of Music degree from Oberlin. She began to perform Creole songs as “The Louisiana Lady,” in order to  educate the public about Creole songs and to keep them alive. She passed away in 1982 at the age of 93. (129)
1900Ted Heath, Trombonist and bandleader. He was one of the most famous big band leaders in Great Britain of the 1950's. His bands played modernized swing music. He died in 1969. (117)
1913Frankie Laine, Singer - "That's My Desire". He was one of the most popular vocalists of the 1950s, swinging jazz standards as well as half a dozen Western movie themes of the time with his manly baritone. He passed away on February 6, 2007. (104)
1926Werner Torkanowsky, Born in Berlin, Germany, he was a successful conductor in concert hall and opera house. From 1963 to 1977, he was Music Director and Chief Conductor of the New Orleans Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, with whom he made an album for Orion in December 1971. This was not his first and was not his last conducting and director's position. Werner is the father of David Torkanowsky, a well-known New Orleans jazz musician. Werner passed away in October of 1992 from cancer at the age of 66. (91)
1945Eric Clapton, Guitarist who was long established as one of the world's major rock stars due to his group affiliations - the Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Cream, and Blind Faith, before launching his wildly successful solo career in the mid-70's. (72)
1947Marilyn Crispell, One of the finest modern jazz pianists, she first emerged as an exciting, adventurous soloist and composer on the free scene in the early '80s. (70)
1956Basia, Vocalist Basia Trzetrzelewska spent a couple of years in the pop band Matt Bianco, an offshoot of Blue Rondo à la Turk, before she launched a solo career in 1987. With the musical assistance of Matt Bianco's Danny White, Basia developed a subtle cocktail jazz-pop which was first showcased on her 1987 debut album, Time and Tide. (61)


1934 Coleman Hawkins arrives in Great Britain to work with Jack Hylton. This is the result of Hawkins quitting the Fletcher henderson orchestra.
1957 Andy Williams went to the top of the Billboard charts on this day with the hit 'Butterfly'.
1963 The Chiffons were in the drivers seat on this day as their hit 'He's So Fine' peaked at #1 on this Billboard charts.
1968 'Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu' by Lobdell, Louisiana native singer, Slim Harpo, entered the Billboard R&B charts on this day.
1971 The Bee Gees were awarded a gold record for their hit single "Lonely Days" on this day.
1974 "Sunshine On My Shoulders" gave John Denver the #1 spot on the pop charts on this day.
1985 Phil Collins found himself in the limelight as a solo artist on this day as his hit 'One More Night' reached the top of the pop music charts.
1991 'Coming Out Of The Dark' by Mariah Carey climbed the Billboard charts to #1 on this day in history.
1991 Colin England, a New Orleans native singer, hit the R&B charts on this day with the tune titled 'I Got What You Need'.
1996 New Orleans native rapper, Master P (Percy Miller), made it to the Billboard R&B charts on this day with 'Mr. Ice Cream Man'.