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1908Joseph P. Mares, Traditional jazz clarinetist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the younger brother of Paul Mares, the leader of the New Orleans Rhythm Kings. During the 1950's, he recorded and issued many traditional New Orleans jazz records by some of the legends of dixieland on his Southland Records label. He helped many young musicians careers by sending them to major musical events arount the country to meet the jazz public. He also did a radio program promoting New Orleans dixieland during the revival period of the 1940's. (109)
1924Jim Reeves, Country Music Hall Of Famer - "Four Walls". was He was perhaps the biggest male star to emerge from the Nashville sound. His baritone voice and velvet orchestration combined to create a sound that echoed around his world and has lasted to this day. He died in 1964. (93)
1926Frank Rosolino, Trombonist with Stan Kenton, Harold Land, Bob Cooper. One of the top trombonists of the 1950s, his fluid and often-humorous style put him near the top of his field for awhile. He died in 1978. (91)
1927Jimmy Raney, He was a definitive cool jazz guitarist. He worked with local groups in Chicago before spending nine months with Woody Herman in 1948. He died in 1995. (90)
1931Frank Capp, Big Band drummer with the group 'Capp-Pierce Juggernaut' (a group he co-led with Nat Pierce starting in 1975, until the pianist's death in 1992). (86)
1935Justin Tubb, A fixture on the Grand Ole Opry, singer and songwriter Justin Tubb, the eldest son of the legendary Ernest Tubb, had a style all his own. But for one duet version of "Blue Eyed Elaine" on his 1985 album The Legend and Legacy, he always recorded independently of his famous father. He died in 1998. (82)
1941Milford Graves, He has been among the flashiest drummers in the free mode, known for skillful inclusion of Asian and African rhythmic ingredients into his solos. (76)
1942Isaac Hayes, Grammy and Academy Award winning singer and songwriter - "Theme From Shaft". (75)
1942Johnny Ray Gatte, A musician and a native of Carlyss, Louisiana. During his musical career he was a member of the Blue Kings and performed with Algie Breaux & The Buckaneers, Cledus Motte & The Tune Toppers, and Larry Carrol & The Desperados. He passed away in 1999 at the age of 57. (75)
1943Enrico Rava, A hugely popular trumpet player almost single-handedly brought Italian jazz to international attention. He began playing Dixieland trombone in Turin, but after hearing Miles Davis, switched instruments and embraced the modern style. (74)
1947Jim Pankow, Trombonist and songwriter for the popular group called 'Chicago' - "Make Me Smile". (70)
1948Robert Plant, Singer with heavy metal popular group of the 70's and 80's 'Led Zeppelin - "Stairway To Heaven" and many more. (69)
1950Freddie Lonzo, Traditional jazz trombonist from Uptown New Orleans. Lonzo began playing at the age of 13 and was a member of the Cohen High School band. He cites J.J. Johnson as a major influence and has worked with Doc Paulin, George & Bob French, Ellis Marsalis and the Olympia Brass Band. He's appeared on over 30 albums and performed at The Village Vanguard in New York City. (67)


1931 Lulu White, one of the most notorious madames of the New Orleans Storyville district passed away on this day. She promoted her prostitutes as octoroons (one-eighth black). Her bordello was the infamous, Mahogany Hall. She employed many jazz pianists, most notably, Tony Jackson, who's been referred to as the best of the best.
1949 'Big Eye Louis' Nelson, traditional jazz clarinetist, bassist and banjo player from New Orleans, Louisiana died on this day. He was born in 1885, and his real name was Louis Nelson Delisle. He was one of the all-time great jazz players. He studied under the Tio family, and worked in Storyville as a youth. He led his own 'Ninth Ward Band' and played in the 'Imperial Orchestra', 'Superior Orchestra' and 'Original Creole Orchestra'. He recorded through the forties, past his prime. He died in New Orleans.
1955 New Orleans native pianist, 'Champion' Jack Dupree and Mr. Bear entered the R&B charts with 'Walking The Blues' on this day. Mr Bear was singer Teddy McRae.
1955 New Orleans own Earl King, R&B singer and guitarist, entered the Billboard R&B charts on this day with 'Those Lonely, Lonely Nights'. Huey 'Piano' Smith backed him on the tune.
1976 Emile Knox, traditional jazz bass drummer from New Orleans, Louisiana passed away on this day. He was born in 1902 and was a longtime parade drummer in the 'Young Tuxedo Brass Band'. Emile died in New Orleans.
1977 The Emotions shot to the top of the pop charts on this day with 'Best Of My Love'.
1986 Thad Jones Dies in Copenhagen on this day.
1995Paul Foster, a gosepl vocalist and a native of Grand Cane, Louisiana passed away on this day at the age of 75. He sang in the legandary gospel group the Soul Stirrers from 1950 to 1963 with Rebert Harris and Sam Cooke. He also sang for other groups such as the Rising Stars and the Golden Echoes. In 1965 he would become Reverend Foster, where he became the pastor of the Union Baptist Church in Vallejo where he stayed until he retired in the early 1980's.
2008 Phil Guy, a blues guitarist and a native of Lettsworth, Louisiana passed away on this day at the age of 68. He's the younger brother of the legendary guitarist Buddy Guy. He played with Raful Neal for ten years in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area before relocating to Chicago in 1969. It was then that he joined his brother's band. He also branched out into Soul and Funk.