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Todays Date

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1868Scott Joplin, King of Ragtime - Composed over 60 songs including "Maple Leaf Rag", and "The Entertainer". Although Joplin's music was popular and he received modest royalties during his lifetime, he did not receive recognition as a serious composer for more than fifty years after his death. After suffering deteriorating health due to syphilis that he contracted some years earlier, Joplin died on April 1, 1917 in Manhattan State Hospital. (149)
1879Albert Carroll, An authentic Storyville piano professor and a native of Donaldsonville, Louisiana. He was known to play at Lulu White's bordello, and well known by Jelly Roll Morton who called his a "great pianist". In 1912, he travelled and played in Chicago, and by 1916 went home to his parents and passed away in March 1916 at the age of 36. (138)
1912Teddy Wilson, Jazz Pianist. He was one of the most important pianists of the swing era and was one of the first blacks to appear prominently with white artists. He played with Benny Carter and the Benny Goodman band and trio. He died in 1986. (105)
1912Andrew Jefferson, Traditional jazz drummer and vocalist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the older brother of the popular trumpeter, Thomas Jefferson (Louis Armstrong style). Andrew played primarily at the lakefront resorts with Peter Bocage at Mama Lou's in the fifties. He also played frequently with the 'Young Tuxedo Brass Band. (105)
1923Serge Chaloff, One of the great baritone saxophonists and the first major soloist on that instrument to emerge since Harry Carney (he preceded Gerry Mulligan), Serge Chaloff was a drug addict during his prime years, resulting in broken friendships and lost opportunities. After playing with the orchestras of Boyd Raeburn (1944-1945), Georgie Auld (1945-1946), and Jimmy Dorsey (1946-1947), he found fame as one of the "Four Brothers" with Woody Herman's Second Herd (1947-1949). After a stint with Count Basie's octet (1950). Ironically, when he finally got off drugs, Chaloff contracted spinal paralysis and he played his final recording session (a reunion of the Four Brothers in 1957) seated in a wheelchair. He died on June 16, 1957. (94)
1924Arthur (Guitar) Kelly, A native of Clinton, Louisiana, he was a Louisiana Blues guitartist. He was playing by the age of 14. Through the 1950's and 1960's he played with Lightnin' Slim and then with Silas Hogan through the 1970's. he passed away in September 2001. (93)
1925Al Cohn, An excellent tenor saxophonist and a superior arranger/composer, Al Cohn was greatly admired by his fellow musicians. Early gigs included associations with Joe Marsala (1943), Georgie Auld, Boyd Raeburn (1946), Alvino Rey, and Buddy Rich (1947). But it was when he replaced Herbie Steward as one of the "Four Brothers" with Woody Herman's Second Herd (1948-1949) that Cohn began to make a strong impression. He died in 1988 in Stroudsberg, PA. (92)
1940Johnny Carver, Country-pop singer Johnny Carver enjoyed his greatest popularity during the '70s, when he occasionally hit with countrified versions of soft pop smashes like "Yellow Ribbon". (77)
1946Lee Michaels, One of the most interesting second-division California psychedelic musicians, keyboardist Lee Michaels was one of the most soulful white vocalists of the late '60s and early '70s. Between 1968 and 1972, he released half a dozen accomplished albums on A&M that encompassed Baroque psychedelic pop and gritty white, sometimes gospel-ish R&B with equal facility... (71)


1933 Bessie Smith makes her last recordings.
1956 The New Orleans vocal group "Shirley & Lee" made it to the Billboard R&B charts again on this day with their hit "I Feel Good".
1958 "Lonely Teardrops", by Jackie Wilson, was released on this day.
1958 Richie Valens released "Donna" and the flip side "La Bamba" on this day.
1958 "It's Only Make Believe" hit #1 on the charts. The song was released by Conway Twitty (Harold Jenkins).
1958 New Orleans native and 1950's hitmaker, Antoine 'Fats' Domino hit the Billboard R&B charts on this day with the tune 'Whole Lotta Loving'.
1970 Proclaimed Duke Ellington Day in New Mexico.
1973 Ringo Starr found himself at the top of the charts with his hit "Photograph" on this day.
1976 Appearing at the Winterland in San Francisco, The Band announced that this would be their last appearance.
1979 Barbra Steisand/Donna Summer hit gold and the #1 spot on the pop charts on this day with "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)".
1980 Yes released their second live album titled "Yesshows".