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please visit: http://www.leaderdog.org

Welcome to hounddogradio,

We are a multi-genre station that plays a wide variety of music for your listening pleasure.

We do not drop the F-bomb, nor do we do news or discuss politics.

We primarily feature unsigned-independent artists.  We truly are the station for the music lover in you!  Log it on, crank it up, and keep it howlin!!!


Thursday nights from 8-12PM EST  broadcasting from the famed Beaches of South Walton, Bobby Rains brings you Studio 30A Live – a fun, Indie artist filled romp featuring the best of up and coming new artists from a wide variety of genres.   Live interviews, demos and never before heard tracks are just some of the surprises you’ll hear on Thursday nights!

Friday: 8pm-midnight ET The Red Room Live. Mr. Clean delivers a fantastical four hours of varying degrees of music ~ From classic rock to jazz – Mr. Cleans got it all in The Red Room!

Saturday:  8 PM-midnight ET  Saturday Night Jam.  Join your host, The Hounddog, as he takes you on a wild roller coaster ride through the best in country, bluegrass, and rock highlighting independent artists as well as some of your fave classic  tunes!

Sunday: 8PM-midnight ET ~ The Sunday Night Simma. Captain Slabby Savannah Dan, will take you on a four hour flight across the intergalactic skies of musical goodness. Moderate turbulence expected. Alternative, progressive, modern rockish tunes. Videos, vinyl spins, and much more – See ya in the cockpit. STAT!

Hello, my name is Frank Coon, and I am the owner of hounddogradio.  If you would like to have air-play on hounddogradio, please read this carefully.  To have your music receive air-play in a timely manner, please follow these instructions.  Although hounddogradio is a multi-genre station, any submissions received that drop the F-bomb will not be played on this station.

  1. Your music MUST be available for consumer consumption.  Any submission found not to be available to the public will be removed immediately.
  1. Please submit ORIGINAL material ONLY.  If you do submit a cover, PLEASE make it your own-in other words, do not try to duplicate the original.
  1. Please make sure to submit your CD to CD data base, so that we have ID3 tags available-without these tags, by law your music can not be put on the server.  This is also to be compliant with DMCA.the law that states we must show song title and artist name.
  1. Please submit a hard-copy CD to:  Hounddogradio, 128 Wassaw Rd., Savannah, GA 31410.  If you submit mp3 files, they must have artist name and song title-again, this is to make sure of DMCA compliance. Again if your music does not have these tags i can not play it by law.

I would ask you to please forego a digital press kit, as I use a screen reader, and they can be very encumbersome.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to receiving your submission.

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