Listening to our Stations:

How can I listen to the stations of the New Orleans Radio Network? There are a number of different ways to listen to the stations of the New Orleans Radio Network either on the World Wide Web or on mobile devices. Listed below are only a few of the ways.

Listening From The Web 

    • You can always listen directly from the various links on each station page of the website. There will usually be a choice of the type and/or speed of the stream that you’d like to listen.
    • We are also listed in a number of directories throughout the internet.  If you search the Web for “Internet radio listings”, there will be an exhaustive list of sites that link to radio streams.  Chances are we will be listed.  Examples of listing sites are:
    • Internet Radio
    • Streema Radio 

Listening From Mobile Devices 

    • New Orleans Radio Network Station Mobile Apps (Download below):
New Orleans Radio iTunes Android Blackberry
    • New Orleans Radio Network QR Codes (Scan the QR Code below with your smartphone or mobile device to listen to the appropriate station):
New Orleans Radio New Orleans Radio
    • You can go to our mobile site http://neworleansradio.com on your mobile device. There are easy to access listen links to all of the stations on the entry page of the mobile site.
    • Our streams are listed in the Shoutcast Directory. Therefore, you can download the Shoutcast iPhone app here Click Me, then use the app to search for “New Orleans”, “RockNOldies” or “New Orleans Disco” or “Yellow Ribbon” to find our streams with the app and get the direct links to our streams.
    • Our streams are listed in the iTunes Radio Directory. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, we are already loaded into the directory.
    • Our streams are listed in the TuneIn Radio Directory. TuneIn has an app for every smartphone, you can download the appropriate TuneIn apps athttp://tunein.com/mobile/, then use the app to search for “New Orleans”, “RockNOldies” or “Yellow Ribbon” to find our streams with the app and get the direct links to our streams.
    • Blackberry: Our streams are listed in the Nobex Radio companion application. Click Here for a link to download the application for Blackberry devices.
    • Our streams are listed in the Freestreams PlayerClick Here for a link to the player site.

Music Submissions:

I’m an artist and want to know how I can get my music played?

    • We have received music via various delivery mechanisms including email, online services (RadiodirectX, musicsubmit, etc.). We are always open to new and more efficient ways to get your music into rotation quicker, because it is a daunting task to review the music and put it where it belongs. If electronic mechanisms do not work, you are welcome to send us your music snail mail to the following address:
    • New Orleans Radio Network
      20106 Joyner Road
      Covington, LA 70435

How Artists Get Paid:

How do artists get paid from the music played on this site?

    • We pay fees to the industry groups ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN (who represent songwriters & publishers). These fees are distributed to songwriters & publishers.
    • Additionally, Internet radio stations are subject to performance royalties, paid to SoundExchange. They represent performers and record companies. The New Orleans Radio Network participates in this licensing in addition to those mentioned above. Our licensing fees are paid through Streamlicensing.com

Financial Considerations:

How can I support the New Orleans Radio Network above and beyond listening to your fabulous music and stations?

    • Annual Sponsorships and Advertising is/are available for the New Orleans Radio Network and prices are very reasonable.  Replace any of the ads on the site your own banner ad.  Audio Ads can be done on a per station basis, or bundled to include all stations.
    • Music Purchases throughout the site are available. If you purchase any music from a link on our site you will be helping the individual stations and the network, because we are refunded a portion of the purchases via affiliate program.
    • Our stations are IP-Only.  Donations are always welcome to continue bringing you the highest quality New Orleans music and defer the costs of running the stations and the network.

I love listening to your stations, and would like to help out financially, but am confused about how my money will be used?

    • The New Orleans Radio Network provides this website, the streaming servers and the licenses that allow this music to be heard. There is an investment and operating costs associated to keeping the operation ongoing. There are links on each page of the site that allow for you to contribute to that cause.
    • Additionally, each station is operated independently. The station owner programs the station, and incurs the cost of keeping it operational and in some cases, operating an independent website. So if your interest is to support an individual station, then there are links provided on the stations individual page, so that you can contact the station owner (DJ) directly or contribute to the station instead of the network.

Is New Orleans Network A Non-Profit Foundation?

    • No. Contributions to New Orleans Radio Network are not tax-deductible. We are a for-profit business, and do not qualify for the 501(c)(3) status that a volunteer-run public FM station would.
  • New Orleans Radio Network can be a full-time job (at times!) for us, so it is run like any other business.  We pay income taxes on all of our income, investing in equipment and services to keep the business ongoing.